In this solitaire - STRATEGY - your goal is to build the four suits - Ace to King.
First, you place randomly selected cards on up to eight different piles.
When you click on the red deck, a card is revealed and by clicking and dragging you place it on a pile on the left of the deck - on any one of the black boxes.
When an Ace is revealed, it will be positioned to the right of the deck- on a grey box. It will be the base upon which you will place the remaining cards to form a complete suit, in the second phase of the game.
After you have drawn all the cards from the deck, you will be able to build the four suits by clicking on the card that you want to place over the cards on the right of the deck. You will place a Two over an Ace of the same suit, a Three over a Two etc.
This solitaire is called STRATEGY because you need to devise a strategy to place the cards on the eight piles so that they will all be available to you when you build the suits.
HINT: you do not want a higher card to cover (block) a lower card of the same suit in the same pile.

Have fun and... Good Luck!!!

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